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Market Cities: what if every city had a public market Strategy

Place Solutions Group is pleased to partner with Project for Public Spaces, Healthbridge Foundation of Canada, and Slow Food International to provide technical and strategic support for the creation of Market Cities programs across the globe.


Market Cities is a new vision for public markets at the city-wide and regional scale. Market Cities recognize the unique magnetism of markets as public spaces and develop supportive policies that leverage market assets and build human capital to address a myriad of critical civic and societal issues. Market Cities value and invest in their market eco-systems to tackle economic, social, gender and racial inequality; create environments where diverse people interact; spur regional economic development; create job opportunities, especially for women, low-income and minority populations; establish critical social and economic infrastructure for communities facing climate-related risks; and promote community health. 


Despite the value that public markets bring to cities and regions, they are endangered by many forces – and often by a combination of forces. These constant and immediate threats include increasing urban development and value of real estate; the modernization and centralization of food systems; economic development practices that neglect women, minority populations, and other small entrepreneurs; and the lack of management capacity of the markets themselves.

This program builds on our work to revitalize markets in Hanoi working with Healthbridge Hanoi.  Read more

For further information on becoming involved with this initiative, please contact Steve at "Let's Talk" below.

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